This website documents the rich history of the schools in the Public School 61 Complex at 610 East 12th Street. There have been four schools which operated or operate there.

Public School 61, a K-8 and later a JK-5, operated from 1913-1994.
Children's Workshop School (CWS), JK-5, founded in 1993, operates there since 1994.
S.P.E.C.T.R.U.M. School / P94M operates there since 1993.
East Village Community School (EVCS), founded in 1988 as the Lower East Side School, operates there since 2001.

This website has almost 100 photos related to progressive education on the Lower East Side, and features a free curriculum guide for teachers to enhance studying the 100+ years of education in this building since 1913.

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